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A Vintage Brand

Prototypes of the straight mug with blue and green hand painted stripes
Dear Friends of Andersen Design,

The mugs two mugs above are signed with a personal scripted signature, used at a time before the idea of a brand (Andersen Design) emerged. These are very early works, likely original prototypes of the simple and classic straight mug with hand decorated stripes

Two vintage prototypes

Below is a rare set of four straight mugs. These mugs were created in the production process. Although this design appears  simple, it is not easily executed without daily practice, The colors have to be properly adjusted. Working with the brushes and the ceramic colors and laying down the stripes in a rhythmic pattern relies on intuitive confidence and a properly balanced white glaze. Practice makes perfect.

Set of Four Vintage Blue Green Stripe Mugs
The mug in the upper left corner has a skip, adding to its charm, Usually a skip just happens but an artist could attempt to develop the ability to skip at will. Andersen Design is embedded into the mold on the bottom of the mugs.

Vintage Pitchers

These two pitchers are rare early works in the blueberry glaze and an unusual pastel creamy glaze.

Vintage Large Seal NFS

This is a vintage large seal. We hope to find a new studio this year with space for all the many processes a business of this kind involves so that we can teach the skills to others .The large seal would be a very special piece to teach others to produce because the decorative technique interacts with the individuality of the artisan's decorating hand. No two are ever exactly alike. We will need to do a Kickstarter fundraiser to make it happen.

To extend our outreach, I have been spending my writing and reading time on Medium. It is more than blogging it is an interactive world of bloggers, a new medium of individualized voices, some of them promoting very collectivist ideas. The world is changing so dramatically and at a very fast rate, but humanity has not. There is a need for purposeful work within a diversity of fields, not merely high tech.

I have found some other writers with whom I feel a connection. I am in awe of Lauren Reiff, She writes beautifully about a wide range of topics from financial markets to psychology. The Nature of Money by Ben Kaufmann has a special clarity.

It takes a while to establish ones self on Medium, most say a year. I took some time to establish two publications of my own. I am interested in working with other writers for both.

 I created Hand Making Makers of the World, because I could not find a good publication for the hand made industry.

And I created Think Global Act Local because I needed a place to publish the specific research I have been involved in for 10 years or so on the Maine economic development statutes.


The Andersens


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