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Is Newsbreak Just Mainstream Central or is my local community too small for them?

  Funny, I thought Newsbreak and Substack Local would be the voices of the people! photo-1610527976250-b55b10541342 by Jorge Maya Unsplash I started blogging around 2007 because I was tired of the one-dimensional mainstream news in my state and local community and of not having a voice anywhere in anything. My local newspaper,  The Boothbay Register  features blog columns but I do not approach them, knowing that I am too off-the-grid for publication in any local mainstream media, and I like my freedom to tell it as I see it. To begin with, I read the bills and the statutes. There seems to be an unwritten law that mandates that one is only permitted to read bills and statutes if one is certified by the authorities to do so. That is an effect of living in a centrally managed state. We all have our assigned spots on the grid, whether the cell fits us or not, we are assigned to it and  are expected to stay with its boundaries , but I do not do that, in part because I was born and raised of