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Post KickStarter Update

The Tufted Titmouse Sculpture which I am currently developing As you may know by now our first KickStarter Project received minimal support and so was not funded. I attribute this mainly to people not understanding what KickStarter is- or at least framing in in a very limited and often derogatory way. KickStarter is both Revolutionary and Evolutionary. KickStarter is revolutionary in that it is a rare new capitalization venue that  includes  the micro economy,. Kickstarter uses language that is usually associated with non-profit fundraisers, and so some have said that it is "asking for money for free". Some in the private sector use KickStarter that way but  the KickStarter Guidelines for the private sector recommends that the value of the rewards offered be in close proximity to the standard retail value, making KickStarter a fundraising venue for small micro economy businesses that qualify as "creative" by KickStarter's measure, and which allows a p