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Starting a Remote Work Career from Scratch

How I came to be recruited without an organizational background mitchell-hartley-unsplash I am taking a break from working on my consulting profile. Submitting my profile will mean having an agent for remote work. I was invited to do so as an outcome of publishing on my own as an unknown. In corporate speak, I have been recruited.  I am now creating my portal to the remote working community and scaling into the larger world where I have traditionally found greater acceptance. I have not the conventional background but the movers and shakers are not necessarily looking for conventional. All you have to do is watch a few TV series to know that! Right now I am watching the latest season of Billions. I remember it being more interesting than it is this season. The characters seem to have become more wooden or maybe they always were but it didn’t bother me before. It is useful to watch at this particular juncture because the show probably has a lot right about corporate culture. The charact

A Starlit Conjunction Brightens the Horizon as the Days Grow Longer

 A Christmas Star Makes a Rare Appearance at the End of 2020 juvnsky-anton-maksimov-unsplash Christmas is already upon us in this strangest of years, preceded by a Saturn-Jupiter conjunction on the night of the Winter Solstice creating an image in the sky of the Christmas Star as it appeared in Jerusalem on the original Christmas Day.  Here is an amazing shot from Japan of the Christmas Star in 2020. At the end of year filled with such a earth changing events, it sends chills and hope as a star in a form so meaningful appears above the world and, for the first time in 200 years, the Saturn and Jupiter Conjunction is occurring in an Air sign instead of an Earth sign and it will continue to meet in Air signs every twenty years through 2080. According to astrologers, these rare heavenly events herald a time of paradigm change with different values coming into prominence than those that dominated during the meetups in earth signs. Jupiter and Saturn are moving into Aquarius, which is my Su

In Times of an Unknown Future, Let Synchronicity Be Your Guide!

As Corona Virus demands change, a transforming culture grant us permission to be who we never thought we would be. Photo by Mackenzie Andersen of  Pelican sculpture by Weston and Brenda Andersen for Andersen Desig n I awoke in the morning in an instance that dreaming becomes consciousness, a transition as elusive to detect as that precise moment when night becomes dawn. I was travelling in my dream on the main road out of town passing through the point where the Harbor becomes Boothbay. On the side of the road, I saw a sign that said “Learn Farm”, crafted on a wooden board painted with weathered white paint, and written in Times New Roman font. A frame around the words lent the sign traditionally old fashioned flair.  In dream word play, the message is its new but its old. Times, New Roman, correlating with to my concept of a twenty-first century cottage industry , a network of businesses in residence, pre-industrial culture resurrected for a world evolving toward smaller, autonom

Dialing Up Free Enterprise & Dialing Back the Command Economy

 Under Maine’s Progressive Governors, Creeping Corporatism Grew the Wealth Divide Welcome to my world Photo by sunyu-kim-unsplash Today I woke contemplating an idea I spoke about planned residential dwelling units at First Park , the three million dollar project of rural lands transformed into a development corporation by the Maine Legislature in 1998. I wondered how a residence would create the jobs promised by the promoters of the development corporation, unless zoned as businesses in residence, an idea whose time is waiting to happen. After twenty years Municipalities Incorporated was far away from the 3000 jobs promised to materialize from a business park built in the rural meadowlands.  The business park is one of those ideas that is popular despite its inappropriateness to a location, like the mini-round-about placed in the unobstructed main throughway in my home town, requiring another road to be inconveniently rerouted to give the appearance that there was a functional purpose