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Will the Free Market or Command Economy lead the future?

Also Published on Medium;s Data Driven Investor.
A couple of weeks a go I received a request to review an economic development research paper. One is not supposed to talk about a paper that  has not been published and so I will reveal only that the invitation came from an international organization and the subject of research concerns the microeconomic sector in another country.

My task in reviewing the paper was merely to say whether it met the standards of research and not to weigh in on its ideology, which I can do here, as long as I keep the paper anonymous.

I rejected the paper for publication because it did not meet any of the standards  listed in the reviewer instructions for a research paper. I categorize the paper as a policy advocacy paper pretending to be a research paper. I wondered if it was a test to see If I can recognize the difference between a real research paper and a fake one in this era of fake everything.

I submitted my review before the deadline, Today, one day …

A New Industrial Evolution

Contemplating A Brave New World
The reality of the world radically changing through an act of nature is difficult to comprehend even as we are living through it. We are adapted to our norms but they are shifting under our feet. How do we move forward when our norms are no longer our anchors?

Political actors call for Governor’s to reopen the economy or resign, as if, reopening will bring about a return to a former normal.

Reopening the economy will not cast a spell and bring back normal. In Boothbay Maine, where I live, the primary industry is hospitality, one of the hardest hit industries. Most do not want to risk their lives and those of their loved ones by exposing themselves to a virus which is still mutating and we still know little about.

The demand for re-opening eludes the calling for the reinvention of our economy and our culture and the big question: Are we entering the post globalist age? The potentialites are too enormous to wrap one’s mind around and so conventional politic…

Can progress come about without individualization?

Published on Mediim's Data Driven Investor as
Were Itinerant Craftsmen Free Agents During the Bronze Age and Why Does it Matter?

Prior to the 1930’s when Australian archaeologist, V Gordon Childe, presented his theory about the metal smiths of the Bronze Age and their concomitant relationship to the power elite, archaeologists considered craft making merely as a result of economics. Childe identified the powerful role that prestige goods played in the early development of craft specialization and connected the emergence of craft specialists with an itinerant metallurgist culture in prehistoric Europe. A debate emerged around the social and political role that specialized craft production played in structuring of prehistoric culture, not unlike the role that digital invention plays in reshaping the world today.

Rooted in Movement, Aspects of Mobility in Bronze Age Europe, a introduction published by the Jutland Archaeological Society, Constanze Rassmann quotes and contests Childe as …

Were Bronze Age Specialized Makers, Freemen or Slaves?

Centralization vs Decentralization in the Bronze Age In 2004 anthropologist Edward M. Schortman  and Patricia Urban published Modeling the Roles of Craft Production in Ancient Political Economies, a research paper discussing trends in an active archeology debate over the role of craft production during the Bronze Age.

Modeling the Roles of Craft Production in Ancient Political Economies is an interesting read, particularly because it likewise describes contemporary social organization, or perhaps, better said, what was contemporary, yesterday, but is now rapidly unravelling and no one yet knows where it is going.

Contrasts between the centrally managed Sumerian culture and a European egalitarian class of itinerant makers can be applied to contemporary political organization, vulnerable to change, in a world responding to coronavirus.

Before the 1930's when  V. Gordon Childe’ began investigating the role of hand crafted production from a socio-political angle, archeologist limited t…