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Economic Complexity Theory in the Time of Coronavirus

Originally created for Medium

Introduction I grew up in a business in a home that designs and handcrafts ceramics. For a while the business also had a production employing about 25 people in a separate location. It was found that our type of production is better suited to a smaller more intimate setting, such as a business attached to a home.

However, over the course of 67 years, the size of the of the line grew too wide and large to be produced in a small studio and I envisioned that the future of production should be a network of small independently owned ceramic production studios, which could function as an interactive network.

Last month my idea was an anomaly as if existing in an alternate reality, but as the world turned toward social distancing and sheltering in place, the world order inverted, and now my idea, offbeat in the old order, is perfectly suited to the business model in the new order, especially if the new emergent order organizes by complexity theory, countering the…

Philosophy and the Making of a Spiritual and Artistic Life

In Philip K Dick's fictionalized biography, Valis, the fish is an ancient symbol of Christianity.
Christianity is the philosophy that my Dad, Weston Neil Andersen ceramic designer and co-founder of Andersen Design, found in the latter years of his life.

In earlier days, when the fish in the image above was created, both my parents identified as agnostics. They didn't know if God exists, or perhaps they just didn't know what knowing means. When one applies knowing to God, it must be in the gnostic sense, not in objectivity for God is not an object. God is presence, everywhere. God is in the meaningfulness of life.
In the fifties and sixties, Dad was very involved in the readings of Edgar Casey. Later Dad spent time reading Carlos Castaneda. In latter days, after he lost the use of his eyesight. Dad listened to the entire recordings of the New Testament.

In my younger years, I found that the writings of Martin Buber brought great clarity to living. As with any philosophy, B…

New Old Things in Transitional February

Greetings on a slow misty February Day. I am continuing in the project of documenting and publishing our vintage work. We are hoping for a new door to open soon, which will bring with it many challenges. For now it is just a steady pace of keeping on keeping on, in preparation for the new.

These are a few recently posted items.

One of a Kind Fledgling Robin Prototype

Original Prototype of Egg Form Vase with Lip circa 1950 Very rare five sided Geometric Vase

Snail Prototype

I am continuing the Medium journey, taking advantage of the opportunity to synthesize everything that is evolving into something whole.I am not sure where it is all going, but certainty is an really only an illusion.

My latest Medium post is a synopsis of sorts.

Spring is incrementally moving in!

The Andersens

A Vintage Brand

Dear Friends of Andersen Design,

The mugs two mugs above are signed with a personal scripted signature, used at a time before the idea of a brand (Andersen Design) emerged. These are very early works, likely original prototypes of the simple and classic straight mug with hand decorated stripes

Below is a rare set of four straight mugs. These mugs were created in the production process. Although this design appears  simple, it is not easily executed without daily practice, The colors have to be properly adjusted. Working with the brushes and the ceramic colors and laying down the stripes in a rhythmic pattern relies on intuitive confidence and a properly balanced white glaze. Practice makes perfect.

The mug in the upper left corner has a skip, adding to its charm, Usually a skip just happens but an artist could attempt to develop the ability to skip at will. Andersen Design is embedded into the mold on the bottom of the mugs.

These two pitchers are rare early works in the blueberry gla…

The Rare Original One of A Kind Midcentury Platters by Brenda Andersen

Presenting The Rare Original One of A Kind Mid-century Platters by Brenda Andersen 

Brenda Andersen designed many of Andersen Design's production patterns and in the process there were times when she veneered into pure creativity producing uniquely and spontaneous one of a kind objects of art.The liberty to let the craftsmanship and discipline of repetitive patterning interact with the inspired imagination of the creative artisan became part of the Andersen Design production process confounding conventional concepts of production.

The Platter decorated in a blue green tree exemplifies the way that Brenda was able to decorate in a style that is at one controlled and lyrical. The graceful leaves and branches require a discipline of will to maintain their consistent character but it there is never a feeling of a mechanized routine in Brenda's work. Although the leaves have an elegant consistency in form, the intuitive arrangement of the leaves and the branches expresses a faith in …