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The Uselessness of Centralized Economic Development and the Hope of UBI

In my home town on the rural coast of Maine,we once had an economic development council, but it was little more than a public-private consortium with a license to spend the public’s money in the manner of a private development corporation.The council spent taxpayer money on consultants and on advertising campaigns for down town hospitality businesses. For a while, after spending an amount of public resources, the council laid low, before announcing that it was reconvening. Shortly afterward, the pandemic hit, taking economic hospitality development off the table, and the council announced that it was closing down for good, with nary a mention that the economy was being impacted by a pandemic.The campaign talking points of local politicians habitually extol their high regard for history, creation of year round jobs, the need to attract families and young people to the region, and for affordable housing, but once in office the elected officials passed ordinances to eliminate businesses …

Who Do You Think You Are? A Voice from the People in Maine’s Pine Tree Zone Debate

Maine's Pine Tree Zone Tax Exemptions will be up for renewal again, scheduled to end in Dec 2021, A look back at what happened the last time and what can be done better this time. Who Do you Think You ARE! ? photo by Mackenzie Andersen
“Who do you think you are?”, he said, as though I needed to be granted permission from an omnipotent authority to speak my mind freely. He is over reacting, I thought. I had merely asked his friend if he was the person who works as an analyst for the State of Maine. No answer was forthcoming as the the public conversation was deleted and continued as private messaging commencing with this:Bad move to expose my friend like that. Please consider using discretion better if you want to remain friends.I just said OK. His next message began “Thank you”, seemingly interpreting “OK” as agreement that I would behave according to his instructions. I meant- OK, if asking the simple question means he will stop being friends with me, so be it. There was nothing …

Why Writing Has Become Content Creation

The Many Voices of Humanity Writing comes to shore in a rush of the tide and then subsides to a restful point before returning  Photo by Mackenzie Andersen IntroThis is a short piece I published on Medium about writing, only today it isn't called writing, it is called content creation. The distinction is that content creation is the voice of many people, not just the traditional professional author. Its quite fascinating to absorb all kinds of voices from all over the world and absorb ones self into the meaning of humanity itself. 

Since Andersen Design began in 1962, it has always done its own catalogs and marketing. When we are properly funded with a facility and a staff, I look forward to developing a content management team filled with many voices. Andersen Design has a long tradition of recognizing raw talent and on the job training. Please sign up for our mailing list and indicate your level of interest here.

photo by Mackenzie Andersen
A question was posed in a Facebook Conversa…