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Let the Free Enterprise Micro-Economy Lead the New Innovation Culture

Andersen Design’s classic chickadee is always in demand Thus far, the State of Maine is one of the few national retreats from corona virus. There is no guarantee that we can prevail in this status, Credit is due to the policies of Governor Mills. While such policies create great challenges for many industries, the governor’s strict policies are benefitting the real estate market, with sales showing a sudden increase. Many new people from urban environs are moving to Maine. Are they here as permanent residents or just as second, or multiple homeowners who reside here upon occasion? Will there be a new meeting of urban and rural sensibilities to create vibrantly diverse communities, or will Maine become a enclave for the wealthy only? That is yet to be seen. In a migration caused by a disruption in economic lifestyles, some may be seeking a solution to both housing and income. Conversely, the great wealth divide has made it almost impossible to hire workers without becoming housing prov

The Uselessness of Centralized Economic Development and the Hope of UBI

   Content-Pixie-unsplash                                                                 In my home town on the rural coast of Maine,we once had an economic development council, but it was little more than a public-private consortium with a license to spend the public’s money in the manner of a private development corporation. The council spent taxpayer money on consultants and on advertising campaigns for down town hospitality businesses. For a while, after spending an amount of public resources, the council laid low, before announcing that it was reconvening. Shortly afterward, the pandemic hit, taking economic hospitality development off the table, and the council announced that it was closing down for good, with nary a mention that the economy was being impacted by a pandemic. The campaign talking points of local politicians habitually extol their high regard for history, creation of year round jobs, the need to attract families and young people to the region, and for affordable h