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Honor Thy Father - Remembering Weston Neil Andersen

Tweet This ! Weston Neil Andersen was an American ceramic designer, craftsman and entrepreneur who in 1952, established  Andersen Design Stoneware  with his wife Brenda in the coast of Maine, USA, . He was also my father whom I loved and cared for and was cared for by during the latter years of his life. This is the story about the last five years in which he suffered from a brain injury. Weston was known throughout his life for his analytical mind, which was not affected by the brain injury but it compromised his ability to express his thoughts in complete sentences. During the last five years of his life, Weston spent many hours in deep reflection, seldom seeming to be bored. At times he would sleep for a very long time and when he awoke , he would say that he gotten a lot of work done. In mild weather, he spent many hours of the day sitting on the front porch taking in the natural surroundings and the community walking up and down the street which us

Special Sale on Hand Crafted Designer Mugs Made in America!

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First Mugs from New Molds In- Many Beautiful Seconds Available While They last !

  ORDER SECONDS IN STOCK HERE    OR Place Your Orders for Firsts – Soon HERE Tweet This! The mugs shown in this image have been decorated by myself, Mackenzie Andersen. This is the first time that I have ever done the Brown Tree  Motif as production decorating. That is to say I sat down and did a group of twenty mugs in one session. Production decorating is like doing a performance. It requires confidence in one’s natural and spontaneous style of working with a brush. One has to accept one’s self, enjoy one’s self and to be non-judgmental but one can observe oneself. The first thought that came to mind as I commenced the performance is that I want to channel my Mother, Brenda. Brenda had exceptional vitality in the way that she exercised the paint brush. Sometimes her work was expressionistic and at other times it was controlled without being in the least bit tight – as if she had perfect integration between mind and body, between what she was observing