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New Year News and Hope!

New Medium Publication Hand Made Makers of The World In exploring Medium, I have found that it is a place that has much to offer but what it doesn't have is a strong publication representing the hand made artist designer community. This is unsurprising because as the world evolves, large forces have also excluded many things valued in the past to paint the world in digital brush strokes. This phenomena is evident in my economic development research from Marco Rubio's,  American Investment in the Twenty First Century , which identifies a global world divided into high value (high tech) and low value (inclusive of most hand made objects not sold in upper end markets) economies, to Boothbay's local economic development council To correct this deficiency, I created my own Medium Publication: Designer Craftsmen of America and the World  Please contact me if you would like to be part of this publication, which is seeking collaborators. In a world moving toward coll

Recently Posted Items.

In Appreciation of the Simple Form, White Says  it Well: Variations on the Cycladic Vase in White Small Mellon, Big Mellon Tall Modulus Vase in White Vintage Variation of a Cycladic Vase in One of a Kind Pattern  Christine Thalia Andersen's decorative expression on Sheeba, a form designed by Weston Neil Andersen, One of a Kind Sheba, form by Weston, Decoration by Christine Thalia Andersen A Vintage Turtle Prototype in Rare Matte Green Glaze Vintage Turtle Prototype in rare rustic yellow & green helmet with ebony body I really miss being involved in the ceramic making process, and the opportunity to teach it to others. Hope the New Year is the Year of the Phoenix! Mackenzie

New Horizons with a Holiday Coupon

Tall Gingerbread Mug by Weston, Loop Pattern conceived by Weston executed by Mackenzie Greetings to All.I hope you had a great Thanks Giving!  We are giving you a 20% discount on orders over $100.00 o n firsts and vintage items.  Good through Dec 4 2019 Use coupon code: Giving 2019 Integrating a New Orbit Writing is becoming more complicated since I started writing for Medium , a place where over 10000 writers from around the world contribute, and where there are many publications to which one can submit one's work, or create one's own publication. Readers can follow writers and publications. By so doing one creates a personally curated network  displayed in a section on Medium's home page, There is original writing on every topic, from cooking to quantum physics. Many well known magazines are on Medium, At five dollars a month it is a good bang for the buck. I have been accepted as a writer for three publications to date, The Start Up  is the

Production and Consumerism in High Culture

This Eating Duck is included in our Vintage Fundraiser , priced to afford to launch a mug project with an existing American slip casting studio The Eating Duck is the last sculpture Dad worked on, and the first one in which the subject is involved in an activity as opposed to a portrait in repose. It began as our egg form vase and the sculpture was built around it. It seemed no co-incidence that the last sculpture Dad created, hatched from an egg, one of my Dad's elemental forms, suggests a future direction for the company he founded. As I worked with these images I realized that the subject matter calls out to be reproduced as an outdoor sculpture. The space created by the sculpture is very intimate. One can get very very close to the duck as it feeds. The Eating Duck is a natural subject for an out door sculpture in a rural public square or on a woodland walk, and a reminder of our planetary co-habitants in an urban landscape. It would be striking in a sculpture ga

It Takes Hatching Many Butterflies to Diversify an Economy- Part Two!

Opportunity at the Economic Roots  Broken Platter.The Owl and the Pussy Cat by Brenda Andersen circa 1960's Part One A Call to Action! I first began blogging about political matters because I observed that there was a missing diversity of reporting and opinion in the Maine media. My purpose in writing my own blog is to create an alternative voice. I have likewise found this to be true in terms of access to economic development support in the Boothbay Region despite the existence of organizations which call themselves economic development councils and resources. The economic development council is as unapproachable as the Boothbay Planning Board, which despite language found in T itle Thirty of the Maine Statutes stating that the public "shall" have a hearing in regards to town planning, inclusive of comments submitted in writing, the Boothbay Planning Board  does not provide contact information on the town website , also true for the Joint Economic Developme