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Network Kickstarter to Kickstart A Network.

As I am thinking about this, all kinds of ideas are connecting with one another, which is how a network functions in essence.. Kickstarter is about projects but there are projects within projects within goals within goals. Andersen Studio is a goldmine of projects but I want to start from the top down, talking first about the ultimate goal , which is transforming Andersen stoneware into something in which future generations can be involved and feel a part of as much as we feel a part of this family business. Today I am thinking that this network, which I have envisioned for so long , fits like a glove with  My idea is a network of privately owned businesses that share some connections such as productivity rights for selected Andersen designs and marketing, which is an area in which Andersen stoneware has an established presence with roots going back to the mid-century . The reason I came up with this concept is because I meet so many people who want to be the owne

Andersen Studio Launches KickStarter Diaries

  Portfolio of images of stoneware baby seal by Andersen Studio Greetings World, I am starting today this journal of our first KickStarter Project. This is a process within a process.. At this stage in our history our ultimate goal is to transform our creative and unique family business into a form that can be carried on by others beyond our own family  so that  future generations of Americans can have the opportunity to participate in what we feel is a very rewarding occupation and lifestyle. I formulated my idea of how this can be done around about 2007, which you can read HERE and also learn about our history in the process. The link dated 2012 was written more recently in pursuit of the same vision. Both were written before I had heard about KickStarter . Kickstarter is a natural fit  for Andersen Studio as we are a small ceramic art, design and production studio operating in the private sector. Since we opened our gallery doors in 1952, our work became collectible