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An Object of Beingness

One of a kind object, viscerally carved in pattern that evolves as the bowl turns I think of this bowl as being masculine in gender because of the strength and boldness of the carving. At every turn a new face appears. This bowls defies regimentation and yet works as an integrated whole. In today's world of ever expanding cultural grids, this bowl is an act of defiance! Don't be afraid, Don't question your instincts, just carve it as you feel it. Live in the strength of confidence your own beingness, Its very primitive and very timelessly now! Yes! 

The Andersen Design Brand- An New American Evolution in the Making.

Rare One of A Kind Heron Sculpture by Weston Neil Andersen is being offered as part of our estate sale of  rare vintage work - a funding project for a new production and training facility for Andersen Design Pictured above is a very rare heron sculpture, hand decorated by Weston. It would be an engaging creative project to produce the heron as a limited edition series working in collaboration with talented artisans creating unique redititions. Alas, we do not have a fully functioning production facility. We need to fund one. We have the line and we have the brand, unique assets that came about through pursuing a work process over the course of sixty seven years. Such assets can seed creative opportunities in meaningful engaging work, for future generations. In our view it is a great economic development asset that would attract an even greater designer craftsmen community, young people, and most important provide not just jobs in meaningful and engaging work, training ceramic