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New Year News and Hope!

New Medium Publication Hand Made Makers of The World In exploring Medium, I have found that it is a place that has much to offer but what it doesn't have is a strong publication representing the hand made artist designer community. This is unsurprising because as the world evolves, large forces have also excluded many things valued in the past to paint the world in digital brush strokes. This phenomena is evident in my economic development research from Marco Rubio's,  American Investment in the Twenty First Century , which identifies a global world divided into high value (high tech) and low value (inclusive of most hand made objects not sold in upper end markets) economies, to Boothbay's local economic development council To correct this deficiency, I created my own Medium Publication: Designer Craftsmen of America and the World  Please contact me if you would like to be part of this publication, which is seeking collaborators. In a world moving toward coll

Recently Posted Items.

In Appreciation of the Simple Form, White Says  it Well: Variations on the Cycladic Vase in White Small Mellon, Big Mellon Tall Modulus Vase in White Vintage Variation of a Cycladic Vase in One of a Kind Pattern  Christine Thalia Andersen's decorative expression on Sheeba, a form designed by Weston Neil Andersen, One of a Kind Sheba, form by Weston, Decoration by Christine Thalia Andersen A Vintage Turtle Prototype in Rare Matte Green Glaze Vintage Turtle Prototype in rare rustic yellow & green helmet with ebony body I really miss being involved in the ceramic making process, and the opportunity to teach it to others. Hope the New Year is the Year of the Phoenix! Mackenzie