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New Ceramic Production Ideas in Search of Innovative Marketing Consultant.

                                                                The Fin Whale We visited with a SCORE specialist on licensing this week for a very informative meeting but left with an overwhelming new list of things to do before that can become a reality.   Andersen stoneware's assets are our name, our history, and our designs and original glazes with a long established marketability but, as a family business we made mistakes that resulted in working in a space and staff too small for the size of our complex company. I have been writing about concept of  The Great American Ceramic Designers Crafsmen Network . I have learned that there is a company on the West Coast that is doing what I envision. The Company is Mud Shark Studios . They do mold and production work for others which supports their own studio work. I envision a network of similar operations and have suggested that such operations can be located in low income areas and help to revitalize the economy in a

Free China

Beautiful Music for a very important cause. Free China a people's movement important to the free world every where where ever it is.