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Decentralized Opportunity Zones is the Future of Work-Life Balance

In the Portland, Maine industrial opportunity zone, a homeless shelter is planned as a residence in a business but businesses in residence are not permitted. Stephanie Klepacki Unsplash Homelessness is not an isolated social status. It is the extremity of continuous social-economic fabric, with each thread interwoven to create the whole. The Homeless Tax Shelter The homeless shelter proposed by the Portland, Maine city council is advanced by  developers taking advantage of 2017 opportunity zone tax advantages . There are multiple social issues entangled in the political web of the proposed homeless shelter, starting with why is a homeless shelter being proposed in an industrial zone? To all appearances, the Portland, Maine homeless shelter will be financed using opportunity zone tax advantages for investors. an assumption based on the location of the planned homeless shelter in an  opportunity zone  and that the developers charged with the financing are intimately connected with  the

Nature vs Machine: Will Human Evolution Bifurcate?

As one stream flows deeper into an artificial world, an alternate current follows the way of nature. How will this play out in human evolution? Michael Dziedzic   Unsplash I wish I could remember what the crystal clear logic of the dream I was waking up out of this morning, was about. It was an epiphany occurring in the realms of consciousness to which my present point of focus has no access, and yet can feel its effects, bubbling up from the depths as momentum transporting crystal clarity, and eluding objectivity. The previous day I read a marketing article about data analysis. The author portrayed data marketing experts as having the ability to determine with utmost certainty how customers view a company. The companies themselves merely hold beliefs and have no access to the realms of knowledge that data experts will deliver with their algorithm artistry. I thought of the many questionnaires I have filled out delimited by pre-formatted choices, none capturing what I really feel about