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New Horizons with a Holiday Coupon

Tall Gingerbread Mug by Weston, Loop Pattern conceived by Weston executed by Mackenzie Greetings to All.I hope you had a great Thanks Giving!  We are giving you a 20% discount on orders over $100.00 o n firsts and vintage items.  Good through Dec 4 2019 Use coupon code: Giving 2019 Integrating a New Orbit Writing is becoming more complicated since I started writing for Medium , a place where over 10000 writers from around the world contribute, and where there are many publications to which one can submit one's work, or create one's own publication. Readers can follow writers and publications. By so doing one creates a personally curated network  displayed in a section on Medium's home page, There is original writing on every topic, from cooking to quantum physics. Many well known magazines are on Medium, At five dollars a month it is a good bang for the buck. I have been accepted as a writer for three publications to date, The Start Up  is the