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It Takes Hatching Many Butterflies to Diversify an Economy- Part Two!

Opportunity at the Economic Roots 
Part OneA Call to Action!
I first began blogging about political matters because I observed that there was a missing diversity of reporting and opinion in the Maine media. My purpose in writing my own blog is to create an alternative voice. I have likewise found this to be true in terms of access to economic development support in the Boothbay Region despite the existence of organizations which call themselves economic development councils and resources. The economic development council is as unapproachable as the Boothbay Planning Board, which despite language found in Title Thirty of the Maine Statutes stating that the public "shall" have a hearing in regards to town planning, inclusive of comments submitted in writing, the Boothbay Planning Board does not provide contact information on the town website, also true for the Joint Economic Development Planning Council.

When I approached the Joint Economic Development Council of Boothbay and Boo…

Deconstructing Centralization Requires So Many Butterflies! Part One

Story narrated by Susan Mackenzie Andersen
Andersen Design is not only the products which we make, we are also a brand. Brands become characters in our collective drama. The persona played out by the Andersen Design brand in the national and global drama is that of natural American individualism. free enterprise, and microeconomics. These traits are written into our history but what does that mean in today's world ? and why does it matter if the Andersen Design re-emerges in the twentieth-first century? It matters at this time more than ever in terms of how our historical relevance intersects large swirling vortexes of a changing world, but that is a tale to unfold, all in due course,

The Whole Foods Business Model
I once saw Whole Foods as a model for how Andersen Design could work with independent slip casting studios. Before the sale of Whole Foods to Amazon, Whole foods worked on a decentralized model, allowing local management independence and marketing many emerg…