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Yes We Can! The SBIR and STTR Grants for American Small Business

Does economic development rule the people, or serve the people?Let Freedom Ring! photo by Yves Monrique-unsplashIn the 1980’s when Burton A Weisbrod first published The NonProfit Economy, he wrote that the US economy was composed of three sectors, public, private, and nonprofit, intended to operate independently, each filling a unique function, which the others did not, but in the 1980’s, they were already merging and adapting in ways not ethically clean.In 1997 Weisbrod published a paper titled The future of the nonprofit sector: Its entwining with private enterprise and government. Today In Maine the entwining is wide, deep and complete, concentrating power in the interests of a small circle of associates wielding wealth redistribution as it’s instrument, branding itself as networking and celebratory public private relationships. The conflation of the public, private, and non-profit sectors is a top down system. over riding local power where in public and private wealth including pr…
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The Cultural Transformation of a Middle Class Vacationland

Boothbay Maine confronts its past and future.
I threw the Tarot cards today. The Moon, reversed, is in an outcome position. Sometimes one has to let oneself be guided by psychic forces, requiring a surrender to faith existing at a visceral level of consciousness. The future can’t be planned or analyzed, only felt and listened toward because it is operating out of unbroken wholeness. Don’t try to justify or explain the long and winding road you are on, but if you have strong enough faith, follow it where it leads, stopping, along the way to smell the roses and enjoy the moments that are life itself in full living colorI compose my blog by discovering the story as it unfolds, as I am doing now. I don’t know what the story is going to be until it says so. Dive in, and suddenly the story is in an ocean, coming in with the tide, influenced by the cycles of the moon.These days, humanity must take leaps of faith. We are in an era of great shared uncertainty and unknowingness. scary, but creat…

Will the Free Market or Command Economy lead the future?

Also Published on Medium;s Data Driven Investor.
A couple of weeks a go I received a request to review an economic development research paper. One is not supposed to talk about a paper that  has not been published and so I will reveal only that the invitation came from an international organization and the subject of research concerns the microeconomic sector in another country.

My task in reviewing the paper was merely to say whether it met the standards of research and not to weigh in on its ideology, which I can do here, as long as I keep the paper anonymous.

I rejected the paper for publication because it did not meet any of the standards  listed in the reviewer instructions for a research paper. I categorize the paper as a policy advocacy paper pretending to be a research paper. I wondered if it was a test to see If I can recognize the difference between a real research paper and a fake one in this era of fake everything.

I submitted my review before the deadline, Today, one day …