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Is Boothbay the right location for a forty nine million dollar school system?

History Repeats Its Self. To Chart Where We Are Headed, Follow the Past! europeana-unsplash Published on Medium's  Age of Awareness  as    A School System Should Not Be Approached as an Instrument of Gentrification Recently I contacted a law firm specializing in non-profits about forming a 501(3)(c), which can function as a fiscal sponsor as I described in  How Marxian Indoctrination Sustains The Great Wealth Divide . It was through the process of writing that I came to the realization that Andersen Design is ideally suited to create a new fiscal sponsorship model, or adapting existing ones, to benefit the maker first as opposed to the investment community first, relegating the producer and researcher to a secondary cause. It was a fine conversation but the law firm is beyond my budget at an estimated cost of $22000.00 to help with the legal formation of a non-profit museum. I did not get to explore whether they are significantly motivated by the social and creative act of develo

How Marxian Indoctrination Sustains The Great Wealth Divide

Carving a Way Back to Fairer Distribution priscilla-du-preez-unsplash This story was   Selected for Best of Tremr!     Also published on Medium in The Shadow Stop Trying to Make Sense of the World- Just Deal With it As it Really Is Recently I spend three weeks as volunteer labor writing a review of a paper about a nineteenth-century philosopher known for advocating the abolition of private property.  I was reviewing a paper for publication consideration in a global peer-to-peer academic publishing organization in which the primary shareholders are deeply invested in global publishing, financial assets, and real estate across the western world.  I was approached by the organization in a manner of a non-profit organization, asking for a donation, not of money, but of my services.  I have a proclivity to place other purposes before money and so providing volunteer services to a wealthy for-profit organization is worth it for what it delivers in karmic justice. It gives me a voice in decid