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Philosophy and the Making of a Spiritual and Artistic Life

In Philip K Dick's fictionalized biography, Valis, the fish is an ancient symbol of Christianity.
Christianity is the philosophy that my Dad, Weston Neil Andersen ceramic designer and co-founder of Andersen Design, found in the latter years of his life.

In earlier days, when the fish in the image above was created, both my parents identified as agnostics. They didn't know if God exists, or perhaps they just didn't know what knowing means. When one applies knowing to God, it must be in the gnostic sense, not in objectivity for God is not an object. God is presence, everywhere. God is in the meaningfulness of life.
In the fifties and sixties, Dad was very involved in the readings of Edgar Casey. Later Dad spent time reading Carlos Castaneda. In latter days, after he lost the use of his eyesight. Dad listened to the entire recordings of the New Testament.

In my younger years, I found that the writings of Martin Buber brought great clarity to living. As with any philosophy, B…