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Announcing The Great American Ceramic Artist Designer Craftsmen Network Crowdfunding Web Site !

Tweet This! Introducing  the newly created Andersen Design website. I It is in its bare bones state today but that will be changing over time. Alpha & Omega the Becoming of Andersen Ceramics into The Great American Ceramic Artists Designers Craftsmen Network Andersen Design is the wholesale and production entity for Andersen Ceramics. Andersen Studio is our retail and design entity. Andersen Ceramics  is a family business which was established by my parents , Weston & Brenda Andersen in 1952.- well actually it started in Ohio in 1951 but my parents knew they couldn't keep doing production in the Levitt style home which Dad had acquired with a veteran's loan and so they moved to Maine in 1952 to become the first ceramic enterprise on the Boothbay Peninsula - soon to have a cluster industry sprout up around the area, which still exists today. The Great American Ceramic Artist's Designer's Craftsmen Network shoul

Does A Conscious Business Make Business Sense

This is John Mackey, Founder of Whole Foods and the Conscious Capitalism Movement

     Preserving The American Political Philosophy: Introducing Mikkel Clair Nissen

I accidentally deleted this post. I recreated it but the link is now different and so I am posting it again with new link Mikkel Clair Nissen is a Danish psychologist who has written a book exposing the the life and general psychology of Danish people under socialism. He is so much on the same page as I am on in my blog and he is a passionate spokesperson and an eloquent writer. Perhaps if Americans and Mainer's hear the message from a European living in a deeply entrenched socialists system, the message will be more powerfully conveyed. In this post I show some of teh correlation between what Mr Nissen discusses and what is taking place in Maine as the government has been incrementally transformed from a state to a corporation

Seeking the Influencers for Revitalizing East Coast Ceramic Slip Casting Industry

TWEET THIS !!         Our ceramic birds are popular sellers that fit into the kiln in small spaces around other objects making for a denser load and higher dollar value for the firing . ( not having yet addressed our own customer list) It does not surprise me that to date I have received no sign ups for my pre-launch. I anticipated such a response as I have received a similar response to other efforts. In terms of the sculpture project itself, instead of spending my time on a crowdfunding campaign, I could spend that time learning to make a plaster mold, and that has it's benefits but one of those benefits is not having a way to pass our family business on to future generations, and so I would be working on my own designs in the context of a business for which I do not see where the future leads. The only feasible way to work in such a situation is as a limited edition line. One can't design a product for a production line i

Mackenzie Andersen's Tufted Titmouse Crowd Funding Pre-Launch Sign UP

This is a video for a yet to be launched crowd funding project. SIGN UP HERE! TWEET THIS PLEASE ! This is beginning of our Pre- Launch Phase   in which I will be collecting email addresses of those interested in supporting our project. The goal is to have strong launch reaching a good portion of one's goal in the first few days. This project is to raise $3000.00 to have the mold for my tufted titmouse sculpture created by an outside production company. The project is also a Prelude to Andersen Studio's Business Re-Start Crowd Funding series. Andersen Studio needs to raise in the neighborhood of $300,000.00. Although we would like to start working with other American slip casting productions to have our line produced, We also need a local production studio. We are currently doing production in the space intended to be our design studio. The goal of the Andersen Studio- Design crowdfunding series is to bring about the circumstance in wh

One of A Kind Art Object Offered in Mold Making Crowdfunder Project.

The large fish was designed by Weston Neil Andersen . It requires individual craftsmanship in the assembly and handcrafted finishing of the sculptural form. The fish will be decorated as a One of A Kind Art work and signed by Mackenzie Andersen. This is a rare item . Only a few have been or are expected to be produced.

Eagle Sculpture In The Works As I launch Crowdfunder For Mold project For Tufted Titmouse

This is the Tufted Titmouse that I completed in the wax phase over a year ago. I am still waiting indefinitely for a mold to be made on premises and so now I have decided to launch a crowd-funding project to capitalize contracting with an outside production to have this mold made. The Eagle sculpture you see below is a sculpture in the works.The sculpture is not completed but is getting there. If I run a successful crowd funding project- one that goes over my goal, the additional capital will be used to go toward a mold made for the Eagle. I will post here when the crowdfunder project is launched.