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The Second Generational Blues

This is our personal story told in a way that it hasn't been told before and of course it is not just personal because everything is everything. None the less I wasn't sure what to do with it, so I posted it on my blog called Sitting On A Log, which was the first blog I ever created but has been mostly dormant for years until now. I envisioned Sitting On A Log as a blog that allows for the free flow of though that occurs when one goes for a walk in the woods and sit on a log in the middle of the forest and think about anything and everything. This link also discusses the development of ideas for a new crowd-funding project, which we need to succeed this time. To that end, I am trying to plan a better marketing strategy in advance and looking for evangelists to help with promotion. The Second Generational Blues

New Ceramic Production Ideas in Search of Innovative Marketing Consultant.

                                                                The Fin Whale We visited with a SCORE specialist on licensing this week for a very informative meeting but left with an overwhelming new list of things to do before that can become a reality.   Andersen stoneware's assets are our name, our history, and our designs and original glazes with a long established marketability but, as a family business we made mistakes that resulted in working in a space and staff too small for the size of our complex company. I have been writing about concept of  The Great American Ceramic Designers Crafsmen Network . I have learned that there is a company on the West Coast that is doing what I envision. The Company is Mud Shark Studios . They do mold and production work for others which supports their own studio work. I envision a network of similar operations and have suggested that such operations can be located in low income areas and help to revitalize the economy in a

Free China

Beautiful Music for a very important cause. Free China a people's movement important to the free world every where where ever it is.

Taylor Swifting The Dogma in Farenheit 2013

Definition of Taylor Swifting 1 a : fearlessly using one's life experiences in a song, a blog, or whatever.... b : individualism c : a point of view or tenet put forth as in a personalized narrative This week many events occurred that culminated in changing the name of this blog to Andersen Studio Evolution Diaries, inspired by words said by Russel Smith from SCORE with whom we met yesterday. Russ said many businesses die off because they fail to evolve and so this blog has just evolved from being KickStarter Diaries to being about a more diverse concept of evolution. This is the moment when we let go of everything and toss it all up into the air and see where it all lands. The hardest thing to let go of is The Great American Ceramic Artist Designers Network , but I do so as an act of faith in that if it is meant to be, it will fall into its place in the new order that forms when the cards fall to the ground. I was pondering doing another KickSt

SALE Days during Sail Days- Windjammer Day Super Sale at Andersen Studio Boothbay Harbor in June is the time of the spectacular  Windjammer Days when a fleet of fully rigged windjammers sail into the picturesque harbor On June 25th & 26th There will many festivities ,- music, parades, and places to dine but if you feel like getting away from the crowds, a drive down the winding road to East Boothbay and the stunny rocky coastline of  Ocean Point is a refreshing place to commune with the water, air, earth, and sun. Andersen Studio is about halfway point between the Harbor and Ocean Point, across from the Mill Pond- the image in our logo. you can't miss our big Blue & White sign! We are throwing another great sale for  Windjammers Days 25% off ENTIRE ORDER ! Firsts and Seconds Included ! For , our email list subscribers, we are starting the sale NOW! Through the 26th. You can use our promo code WindSale online or in the showroom just by mentioning it. STARTS:

Honoring The Father

Father's Day is June 16 This email is devoted  to honoring our father, Weston Neil Andersen,  the founder of Andersen Studio and Andersen Design, 91 years old. Last night I sat with Dad alone on our front porch overlooking the pond and he spoke of  concerns for his family and the future of the business. Dad is a man who cares profoundly about others, both in the sense of family, which is the deepest concern of all, and the terms of community, as in an extension of family.   I often throw tarot cards. The card most often representing Dad is the Hermit Card , showing an old man on a mountain holding up a lantern. Weston has wisdom, of the sort that one wonders  who will carry it on after he is  gone. Today old values are slipping away like the Mists Of Avalon -  a book I read many years ago about the transformation of culture as it evolved from paganism to organized religion. These times are as transformational and Dad is now an icon of the past. The Herm

Post KickStarter Update

The Tufted Titmouse Sculpture which I am currently developing As you may know by now our first KickStarter Project received minimal support and so was not funded. I attribute this mainly to people not understanding what KickStarter is- or at least framing in in a very limited and often derogatory way. KickStarter is both Revolutionary and Evolutionary. KickStarter is revolutionary in that it is a rare new capitalization venue that  includes  the micro economy,. Kickstarter uses language that is usually associated with non-profit fundraisers, and so some have said that it is "asking for money for free". Some in the private sector use KickStarter that way but  the KickStarter Guidelines for the private sector recommends that the value of the rewards offered be in close proximity to the standard retail value, making KickStarter a fundraising venue for small micro economy businesses that qualify as "creative" by KickStarter's measure, and which allows a p

Terms of Agreement- A Reality Story

      The Stoneware Emperor Penguin was recently added to Andersen Studio's Online Store Dad was right about working on my sculpture from feeling only. The Tufted Titmouse is moving ahead faster than before as I find I have a clarity about what I want to achieve by working in this way.  Dad seems fascinated by the sculpture as an object of study that he frequently caresses. He is doing amazingly well. Meanwhile, I continue to work on getting the items of our line published online. Once they are up, they can be activated and deactivated at will.  Yesterday I published t he Emperor Penguin. Our KickStarter Project is stalled at 12% of our minimum goal needed to retain any funding. We have however seen an increase in email sales and sign-ups on our website.  I am already brewing some ideas related to this effort but now is not the time to reveal them- however I may release them early to our email list for which one can sign up HERE Whatever the results of the cur

Weston Neil Andersen- A Natural Wonder Of The World

This is Weston Neil Andersen, the father of Andersen Studio Ceramics. This photo was taken a few months ago when Dad was at Maine Midcoast Hospital. He recently returned from rehab,where he was diagnosed as "in decline" as is the way things are trending in health care for the elderly these days.. Dad caught a bad cold but it was diagnosed as "swallowing troubles", which we didn't think true, and as it turned out, we were right..When we brought Dad home, he could hardly hold up his cup and he barely spoke and if he did it was in partial thoughts. But he has been getting better ever since because what ailed him has common causes with common cures. It's amazing to see him improve. He now talks in complete sentences with complex thoughts even though he suffered a brain injury about two and a half years ago. His physical strength is getting stronger as well. I have long been aware that Dad reads my mind. I write blogs and engage in internet

Kickstarting a Micro-Economy Revitalization

Steve Brooks, Maine’s would be next Governor of Maine and proponent of redistributing tax dollars serving Maine’s low income rural areas to Maine’s urban cities which have received the lion’s share of state and federal taxpayer dollars- said the following, regarding the money that he was able to procure to subsidize his business interests " "For the TideSmart Global Business Garden to grow and prosper, we need the help and support of friends, family, business associates, community members, and local, county, state and national leaders."  He continued, "There has never been a better time to expand TideSmart Global's operations and the economic incentives offered through federal and state stimulus programs have enabled us to harness this opportunity."  And I say This:  For the Great American Ceramic Designer Craftsmen Network Garden to grow and prosper, we need the help and support of friends, family, business associates, and c

Andersen Studio KickStarter Project Plan B

T he stoneware Loon is a reward in our current KickStarter project . In Plan B the Stone ware Loon would be still be available to order on the basis of a Kickstarter style project in which the project is to do a special run of items not in our standard line. To date, Our Kickstarter project is receiving very little support.. Since we are at the age when we have to come up with real solutions for the future of our ceramic design and slip-casting company, and at the same time have an opportunity to increase our business through the internet  provided we can reconfigure production and order fulfillment to meet the requirements of the online market. I am already thinking about what to do if the current KickStarter project does not produce an adequate response toward achieving such a goal.        The Stoneware Wren and most of the small birds will be in Plan B's standard line, always available to order Our very last and least attractive option to us to sell the

A Ceramic Enterprise Can Revitalize a Community VS Steve Woods "Relocating" Solution.

 Preserving A Cultural Tradition and a Way of Life. Andersen's Studio's Vision of A Great American Ceramic Designer's craftsmen Network could revitalize communities which Gubernatorial hopeful Steve Woods suggests should have their populations relocated to urban areas. In 1952 Weston and Brenda Andersen moved to the coast of Maine to set up a ceramic design and slip-casting studio. They opened up shop in a two hundred year old barn on Southport Island on the Boothbay Peninsula. As soon as they opened their doors, and there after, collections began which have been handed down from one generation of Andersen collectors to the next. It was a grass roots collectible movement. No grand authority proclaimed that the Andersen work was the thing to collect. Andersen Stoneware became collectible through the inclinations of thousands of individual collectors acting on their own. Each collector made a personal discovery and iconic connection - not only of the Anderse



Andersen Studio Kickstarter- Coming Soon!

It's Coming soon!   I would like to give credit to the Open Source and Private Sector resources that helped me to learn how to: Design a website,  Target our seo so that we are able to maintain a number one position on Google for "ceramic birds" and first page position for some of our other relevant search terms Learn to make a video and add the sound track as you see above: Special Thanks to the Open Source Community goes to : for their excellent tutorials on html. css, xml- and more. for its online web page designer ap and Gantry,  for their eCommerce templates WAMPSERVER for its desktop server app. ,, , for their invaluable music and sound resources Creative Commons for their legal resources Special T