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Mackenzie Andersen's About Me Profile on Medium

 A n enhanced version of Mackenzie's   Remote Working Profile  sponsored on Data-Driven Investor About Me — Mackenzie Andersen An Independent Journey Mackenzie Andersen Jan 18  · 9 min read Mackenzie Andersen by Mackenzie Andersen This Profile is an enhanced version of my  Remote Working Profile  sponsored on Data-Driven Investor Cultural Background I was raised in a  business in a home , established in 1952 on the coast of Maine . as a complete product development system from design to marketplace. Production started with bags of raw materials mixed into glazes and casting slip, using original recipes, designed by my Dad. and poured into original mold designs to create ceramic functional forms and sculptures, which were then marketed in-house to wholesale and retail markets. The  Andersen Design  enterprise was formulated as an S corporation and located in a historical old homestead. It was started on a shoestring and pulled up by the bootstraps in the golden age of the American m

New Horizons and An Old Order

Prototype of Leaning Mug. designed and decorated by Weston Neil Andersen Photo and editing by Mackenzie Andersen A Proposal Gets A Positive Response In  Starting a Remote Work Career from Scratch , I made a proposal to  Humanities and Social Science Communications , and asked if they would waive the very large fee for publishing a paper in consideration of the fact that I reviewed a paper at their request, without charging them.  As it happened that was a good move. At first I was given the brush off and a link to the page listing the very large fees. I responded that it is beyond my means and forgot about it until yesterday when I received a different response from an assistant editor in London which includes the contact information to apply for a waiver and the next day I was asked, by a different office to review another paper, which I accepted.  The new paper to review is quite different from the last which was an economic development paper from South America. This one is a philoso