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Original Vintage Prototype Stein in Blue and White Stripes by Weston Neil Andersen

Purchase this rare vintage original prototype for your collection The Blue and white stein is an Andersen classic. This stein is probably the original prototype. It is signed on the bottom with a hand scripted “Andersen”, painted in blue decorating color against a background circle glazed in white. It is very rare to find the signature on glazed background indicating that the work was created early on, before the glazed background was dropped for production reasons.  Before Weston designed the prototypes for individual pieces, he made many sketches of a complete line of functional forms on any piece of paper handy, including napkins from road side diners, This is likely the original prototype of the stein because he wasn’t thinking about brand identity when he signed it in simple script with his last name. By the time Dad did the second stein, shown with it in some pictures, the idea of a brand identity, complete with a logo, began to evolve as Weston started to s

One of a Kind Vintage Portrait Bowls by Brenda Andersen

Andersen Design is an American Designer Craftsmen Studio established by Weston and Brenda Andersen in 1952 on Southport Island, Maine, USA. The studio was established with a philosophy of creating hand crafted products affordable to the middle class. It designed original glazes and decorative techniques and designed a line of contemporary functional forms and nature sculptures, using slip cast production as the medium for creating art.  Brenda developed archetypical patterns as repeatable patterns to be rendered by the unique hand  of individual artisans so that no two were ever exactly alike. She also used the ceramic medium to create many one-of-kind artworks. One of her favorite subjects was portraiture. One of a Kind Vintage Portrait of Susan Bowl by Brenda Andersen This bowl is an original one  of a kind object created by Brenda Nash Andersen The story begins with Weston and Brenda setting out to create a unique and creative American ceramic desi