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Dialing Up Free Enterprise & Dialing Back the Command Economy

 Under Maine’s Progressive Governors, Creeping Corporatism Grew the Wealth Divide Welcome to my world Photo by sunyu-kim-unsplash Today I woke contemplating an idea I spoke about planned residential dwelling units at First Park , the three million dollar project of rural lands transformed into a development corporation by the Maine Legislature in 1998. I wondered how a residence would create the jobs promised by the promoters of the development corporation, unless zoned as businesses in residence, an idea whose time is waiting to happen. After twenty years Municipalities Incorporated was far away from the 3000 jobs promised to materialize from a business park built in the rural meadowlands.  The business park is one of those ideas that is popular despite its inappropriateness to a location, like the mini-round-about placed in the unobstructed main throughway in my home town, requiring another road to be inconveniently rerouted to give the appearance that there was a functional purpose

Waiting in Limbo and Chaos as a Creative Writing Process

Let in confusion to reveal your message Photo by alexander-tsang-unsplash Waiting for the election results to come in feels like being in limbo. I read a Facebook post about companies giving employees a day break after the election. Trump supporters were all up in the air about the indulgence of the policy but as this election takes the long winding road to its conclusion it is really hard not to have one’s mind on the event until either candidate gets to 270. Either conclusion represents a transformative change for America and the world. I should say the United States and the world, but I prefer the alliterative sound of “America”. America is soft and lyrical while the United States sounds harder in its precision beats. America glides across the tongue and travels on wind currents around the world. Bono got it right when he said America is an idea, the idea on which the United States of America was formed, but America is where ever freedom is the most prevalent in the world at any tim

When Does Cultural Advance Become Cultural Decline?

  Extrapolating into the Future While Walking and Ranting Through America’s Command Economy Politics. This Post was selected for the Best Of Tremr! nathan-dumlao-unsplash The Battle of the Centuries Far-reaching ideological battles are concealed in, and over shadowed by policy issues of a moment.  As corona virus explodes uncontrollably in the midwest and fires ravage the west coast, on the coast of Southern Maine, we are experiencing a real estate boom in properties selling at all price points.  I marvel at the ability of some leaders to think on their feet, turn on a dime, and make decisions that reverberate across the world. Remote working is becoming a main stream institution, overnight, giving cause to extrapolate how remote working will transform ideologies and vice versa. While the term “remote workers” implies workers who derive their primary income from a large corporation, remote workers are also a subset of independent contractors and businesses in a home, modelled on the f