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Why Support an Andersen Design Museum of American Designer Craftsmen

#GivingTuesday is NOVEMBER 21- Please consider this:

I started this blog as an alternative voice, long absent in Maine's media, particularly since the Longley Doctrine of "a centrally managed economy by public private relationships" was established over and above our constitutional form of government in the mid seventies. In the tradition in which this blog was created, preserving the American political philosophy, which by its commitment to individual liberty, can be none other than a free enterprise system, I am defining one of the missions of the Andersen Design Museum of American Designer Craftsmen as shining light on the character of a  free enterprise system.

While The Andersen Design Museum of American Designer Craftsmen has belatedly gotten past the $1000.00 required in personal contributions so that we can begin the process of applying for foundation grants, we still need to raise funds quite immediately to procure a space and operations budgets tp get us throug…

#GivingTuesday at Andersen Design Museum of American Designer Craftsmen

#GivingTuesday is NOVEMBER 28- Please consider this:

Andersen Design is a ceramic designer craftsmen enterprise, established on Southport Island, Maine, in 1952 by my parents Weston and Brenda Andersen. Our enterprise has a long history which has produced an abundance of ceramic creative work over the course of sixty-five years. Andersen Design’s classic wildlife sculptures and functional forms are iconic representations of Maine for our collectors from all over the globe. Because our company was started with a mission to create hand crafted art and design affordable to the middle class, our work came to be collected by families of all walks of life and handed down from one generation to the next. Today there exists many collections dating back to the 1950’s, hidden away in the many folds of American and world culture.
Since Andersen Design is a ceramic production company distinguished by using art glazes and individualistic hand decorative techniques, there is an overwhelming abundanc…

A Space For Andersen Design's Vintage Collection

The Large Sea Urchin Bowl  A Special Fund Raising Project
Space to Display, Organize, and Archive
The Andersen Vintage Line BY

You Can Make a tax deductible donation to
The Andersen Design Museum of American Designer Craftsmen
Transitions This year we have been facing the probability of losing our home where in Andersen Design's production space and retail gallery have been located since 1952. Last Sunday we were served notice to quit the premises in 31 days so it looks likely that we will lose this battle- but it is not over until its over so there is still an unlikely but still possible chance of staying here in our historic location.We are concerned about the future of this property if this old house is left unattended during the winter months. We would like to negotiate with the bank to let us stay for our mutual advantages,

But for now we have to also find another place to live. We have found a location which we believe is a best case scenario for this transition. It is a house…

The System Outside the System