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The Difference Between Writing for Substack and Writing For Medium

Substack is evolving as the medium where the writer has the freedom to evolve new forms as Medium shows indications of becoming more regulated. Shubham Dhage Unsplash I published a story on  Substack  less than 24 hours since I began composing this post. It had already exceeded by more than double my average number of reads two posts ago. The previous post exceeded the same average by 50% and that was over a few days and so I must be doing something right, which is just granting myself permission to be me. There are no editors on Substack. There   are no rules- You are in charge of instructing yourself on how to be you. Films that I find engaging, do not necessarily have storylines that follow a straight line. Sometimes it’s a mystery of complexities that draws one in — or not. Shubham Dhage Unsplash I have always been the kind of person who thinks in circles or better-said spirals. When I was in high school I dreamed I was walking across the footbridge in the small coastal town of Boo